Athletic Hall of Honor Accepting Nominations

The Deer Park High School Athletic Hall of Honor is accepting nominations for the next class of inductees.

Nomination Guidelines

  1. Nominations will be accepted from the following list of individuals: a current faculty member, administrator, or staff member of DPISD; alumni of Deer Park High School; a member of the selection committee.
  2. The nomination form shall be completed and submitted to the Athletic Office by April 1st for the candidate to be considered for induction the following year.
  3. Information provided by the individual making the nomination will be the basis for the Hall of Honor Selection Committee’s decision. It is not the role of the Selection Committee to do further research into the nominee’s accomplishments. Please be thorough and complete as possible.
  4. In addition to the official nomination form, the individual making the nomination should write a letter of recommendation for the nominee. Other letters of support from appropriate individuals who can validate or substantiate information related to high school career or contributions of the nominee are encouraged.
  5. Clippings or further details can be attached to the nomination form or emailed to [email protected]. Photocopies are encouraged. Any attachments will become the property of the DPHS Hall of Honor and will not be returned.
  6. All nominations will remain on file for five years. Additional information can be added to the nomination at any time.